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China Coronavirus is at Center of Hong Kong Protests

Mary Hui reports: Hong Kong’s leader has given another reason for people to be angry. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across China and worldwide, with the number of confirmed cases growing at a rapid rate, Hong Kong is bracing [...]

Freezing Tokyo Sees Most Ambulance Calls for 80 Years

  Tokyo’s ambulance service has experienced its busiest day in more than 80 years, officials said Thursday, amid icy conditions as the Japanese capital shivers through its coldest temperatures in decades. The Tokyo fire department, which [...]

Osaka to Cut Sister-City Ties with San Francisco

Osaka will no longer use taxpayer funds for student and other exchange programs with San Francisco. The sister-city ties started in 1957. OSAKA (Jiji Press) — Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura indicated Friday that the city will decide in [...]

To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells

An anti-aging strategy that works in mice is about to be tested in humans. Megan Scudellari, Nature magazine: Jan van Deursen was baffled by the decrepit-looking transgenic mice he created in 2000. Instead of developing tumours as expected, the [...]

[VIDEO] Young Japanese People are Not Having Sex

Nearly a third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, leaving the country facing a steep population decline. Greg Wilford reports: Nearly a third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual [...]

How Japan Needs to Change to Welcome Immigrants

The country has to do more to assimilate foreigners and offset population decline. Noah Smith writes: The U.S. has been roiled by debates over immigration. Japan has the opposite problem — not enough debate. Immigration is happening, and no [...]